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Download   our   Patch.

Extract the system folder from our archive in your Lineage 2 folder instalation. The account creation is automatic (meaning, your account will be autocreated on your first login in to the game).
The description of all the patches are fictive and all the patches are the same. Just different download locations...

Our  dream  has  come  true

After 5 months of tests,roughly,we decided that our server is ready to go online.As you know,on most of servers,Adena is not valuable because of very high rates and this results in unbalanced economy.We decided to reduce the Adena drop rate and increase Adena quests reward rate(one time quests 40+ LvL).We can proudly say that we do have a 95% stable economy. we have all the raid bosses and all the instances working.We use a very efficient anti-bot (SGuard).The server is built and configured by good developers and most important, by very experienced Lineage players.You will find a lot of things that you can buy with normal currency on our server which you need to buy with real money on other servers. In other words we present a server on which you will have the normal play game satisfaction and you will not feel uncomfortable by those that obtain items through donations. We hope that we convinced you,and we are waiting for you on our server to prove that everything written here is true.


L2Harmony - Info



XP/SP --> 15X
Buff<->trigger-> 24+4/8
dance/song--> 12
Atribute stones --> 40%
Atribute crystals --> 35%
QUEST drop --> 2X
RAID BOSS drop --> 1X
Safe enchant --> +4
Max enchant --> +12
Epaulettes --> 2X



Capture The Flag
Fight Club
raid events
last hero
team vs team



start --> 18 : 00 (GMT+1)
end --> 04 : 00 (GMT+1)
HWId protection --> on
enchant limit --> +6
heroes select --> sunday



vote --> vc
events --> fame
events --> adena
events --> fa
farm --> goblets
invitation --> Dc

The Insights of Darkness

Because we love Lineage2!!

Lead Developer

I will let you rot in the dark caves of Antharas if you don't behave!!

Law and order..

I will throw with fire and I will spit lava if you are not obedient!!

Law and order..

Summon  us

Whether your mind echoes with questions, or your soul seeks for answers untold, stay awhile and write us down your request. If a bug is what bothers you, it shall be purged into Antharas Lair via your precious feedback. If a career in warmonging is what you long for, indulge us with a first handshake and be welcome to visit us in our den, located right in the midst of the Floran Village. By all means, if you wish to present us with a review only a true Master gamer would, enlighten us so we may bask in its light.

By all means, contact us. We are always listening...